Extreme Conversions

If ground breaking technology IS finally available to easily and seemlessly track your conversions, what excuse do you have for wasting more money on ineffective advertising?

"How Would You Like To Effortlessly Enter Any Niche, And In As Little as 7-10 days Discover All The Keywords That Make You Money...So You Can Dump The Losers And Rake In the Cash"

If You Are Driving Traffic Via Google Adwords Or Search Engine Optimization Then This Could Be The Most Profitable Letter You Ever Read...


Fellow Internet Marketers,

You are about to get your hands on ground breaking technology that some savvy marketers have secretly been using to clean up in the tune of 100k+/month.

This technology, never available before to the public, allows you to laser target the same exact keywords that generate money for you. And you are about to get your hands on it for a fraction of it's value!

But let me give you the whole story...

It all started with this one question... "As An Affiliate, How Do I Know Which Keywords Can Make Me Money?" I mean we have all struggled and toiled tweaking our campaigns only to come up with break even campaigns. Sales would trickle in, but balancing our adspend with our sales has always been difficult at best.

The trouble has always been which keyword does a buyer type in when they're ready to buy, which keyword will convert into a sale? Which keyword will make money for you and which will burn a hole in your pocket?

That has always been the biggest challenge...the battle that separated the super affiliates from those who were happy to break even. It's what separated the men from the boys.

And it's indeed a very difficult challenge, figuring out what keywords make you money. How many a time did you throw away a campaign that gneerated sales just because you were losing money on the campaign as a whole?

There just has to be a way to turn those campaigns into winners. Life can't be all that difficult.

I know that from experience. I've always been able to get into difficult problems and yet find the simplest solutions to solve them.

And it's no different here....deep down I knew there had to be a way. there had to be a way for the little guy to have an edge, to share in the success as well. The road can't be all that difficult.

And I kept pushing...Is there no way to legally cheat? Is there no way to level the field so that inexperienced newbies can play on the same play field with the big boys?

Surely there must be a way...there has to be an easier solution.

If only you could find the keywords that generate sales and throw away the losing ones, you would make a fortune. But how can you go about doing that? How in the world can you find out the keywords that are pure gold and throw away the rest?

The only way to do that is to place google's conversion code, and overture's and MSN's on the merchant's thank you page, and that's still not going to tell me which keywords convert off of organic traffic.

And you'd have to go begging the merchant to add the google conversion tracking code to their thank you page. But to get them to do that you had to be somebody really special. Most product owners just don't have time for that.

So what am you and I and everyone else to do?

Finally it hit me like bomb shell...and I came away with a patent-pending procedure that will allow you with great ease, to load up your campaigns with all the keywords you can think of, and find out the exact keywords that will convert into sales for you.

All that is left for you to do is drop the losing keywords and you have a lean mean money making machine without much market research at all

Extreme results are now is possible using...

Xtreme Conversions

"The Easiest Way For Targeting Converting Keywords For Affiliates..."

Now, YOU the average struggling marketer can go head to head with any affiliate out there and have the EDGE.

And let me tell you. You have no more excuses...

You have no more excuses for not jumping into affiliate marketing head first
You have no more excuses for having break even campaigns
You have no more excuses for wasting money on keywords that are nothing more than duds
You just have no more excuses for failing

You have no more excuses for wasting your money.

Xtreme Conversions, enables you to find out the exact keywords that generate sales for you and put money in your bank.  Armed with that knowledge that only the vendor is privy too, you can now have massively profitable adwords campaigns.

Now, You can pinpoint with laser accuracy the exact keywords that will put money in your wallet.  You will have a MASSIVE EDGE over 99% of other marketers that are not using Xtreme Conversions.

It doesn't stop there however... Now you have access to what I call, content network magic. Now, you can finally cut through all the none-sense and contraversy of the content network. Xtreme Conversions will enable you to find out which content sites generate sales for you and which ones are just plagued with click fraud and are just draining your money away.

Are you in?

Let Me Show You How Easy It Is...

Step 1. Enable Tracking For Your Landing Page

Insert a short snippet of code to the very top of your landing page.

Step 2. Setup Your Adwords Campains And Let Them Run...

Go to Google Adwords, load up your list of keywords and setup your Adwords campain like you normally would. You DON't have to do anything different here!

Step 3. Check The Reports To See The Money Making Keywords

Log into your clickbank, account get the tracking ids and load them into Xtreme Conversions. Xtreme Conversions will then report back all the keywords that are making the sales for you. It's as simple as that.

You can then remove all your non-converting keywords.

The overriding theme of Xtreme Conversions is to make it the easiest tracking software on the market to use. Additionaly, There are percise screen capture videos to show you step by step exactly what you need to do... I couldn't have made it any easier.

Look Here How Xtreme Conversions Can Put More Money In Your Pocket...

  • Find the exact search phrases (that the user types in) that lead to sales... It's like getting the customer to tell you which keywords they type in before they buy.

  • Review the exact search phrases that gets users clicking on your ad.  You may be in for a surprise here!

  • Learn what your target market wants exactly... Stop mucking around with what you think they want... And get them to tell you directly.

  • Add more accurate negative keywords... For higher click through rates and a lot less 'tire kickers'.

  • Eliminate non-performing keywords... Stop spending money on keywords that don't convert... Keep the winners... Dump the losers.

  • Skyrocket your PPC Campaigns ROI... Cut out the excess until your PPC campains are lean mean fighting machines in tip top shape.

  • Learn which keywords you need to optimize for SEO... Don't waste your time optimizing for keywords you think will convert when you can hit bullseye everytime with Xtreme Conversions.

  • Dynamically Insert The Keyword onto your landing page.

  • Works with Google Adwords, Overture, MSN and 6 other major search engines.

  • Works with Clickbank, CJ, Linkshare, Amazon, Azoogle, MaxBounty, and any other affiliate program that enables you to add a tracking id.

  • Cookie Tracking...Enables you to track your visitors even if they don't buy the on their first visit.

  • Content Network Magic ...Enables you to track which of the sites on the content network bring in sales for you so you can ONLY advertise with them and save your precious money.

  • Track Your Optins...We all know the importance of list building. Find out the exact keywords that lead to opt-ins.

  • Unlimited Installs....Install the software on your as many servers as you want, and track from an unlimited number of landing pages.
  • Unlimited Number of Keywords

  • Direct Linking Tracking...Want to test out a market before you spend any time building a landing page and a full fledged campaign? No problem.

  • Free Updates For Life...I take my customers request very seriously. I also have a very large list of features to add that will ROCK!

  • Plus Much Much More...

Why Spend $997 On A Hyped Up Marketing Campain When Xtreme Conversions (At a fraction of The Cost) Will Do Exactly The Same...And Achieve The Same Result?

Special Launch Price...

Get Xtreme Conversions Today For Just $127.

(Limited Copies Available At That Price)  

I am going to be raising the price tag of Xtreme Conversions to $147.00 on March 27th. which is honestly still a baragain for what you are getting

So grab your copy today before the price goes up!

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If you’ve been doing PPC for any time, you understand the power of this.  Grab your copy of the ultimate conversion tracker right now…

If you have bought and used the landing page system, you'll really appreciate Xtreme Conversions.  The ENTIRE tracking id generation process is automated for you using a patent pending technology that's ONLY available in Xtreme Conversions.

Here Is What Some 'Privy' Marketers Had To Say...

A few people have been secretly using Xtreme Conversions with excellent results.  Here’s what they have to say:

"Please put the price up, a lot, before too many of our competitors find out why Xtreme Conversions is the “missing link” in the Affiliate Marketers arsenal..."

"Amir, I can only say "WOW" - you have excelled yourself with Xtreme Conversions. I know from experience that most affiliates run PPC campaigns with 100 keywords when in fact maybe only 10 or 15 of those are profitable. True for me (before I got my hands on this software breakthrough), and for 99% of the IMers out there. Thanks a bunch for letting me get my hands one of the first pre-release copies … I owe you one …

As Chris of APX and DJK fame states “all keywords are NOT created equal” … now with Xtreme conversions I can find those magic keywords and turn the majority of losing campaigns into "day job killers.

Xtreme Conversions is quite simply an incredible piece of software that allows you to automatically work out which keywords are profitable. The value of which is well … pretty obvious … AND you are giving this away way too cheap … please put the price up, a lot, before too many of our competitors find out why Xtreme Conversions is the “missing link” in the Affiliate Marketers arsenal. Make no mistake, if you make your living as an affiliate marketer Xtreme Conversions can definitely make the difference between profit and loss."

Terry Barker

"This type of software is going to do incredible things for affiliate marketers..."

"Xtremely Great Timing! This is going to help me big time. It's going to quicken and fine tune the process of determining what's converting for me. I'm all about finding ways to improve ROI and cut costs. This is the ticket!

I must confess I've been using a script for a couple years that does something similar. But it was no where near the software you have put together here. And it wasn't always easy.. There were a few more steps involved to get it to work.

It didn't have a database to capture data or automate the process like yours does. It didn't allow me to manage everything in an interface like your software either. The solution I was using was good, but not near the solution you've put together.

And yours will dramatically speed up the process and centralize everything.

This type of software is going to do incredible things for affiliate marketers. How difficult was it to ask a merchant to put a snippet of code on their site for you? Sometimes they would; many times they wouldn't. Now we don't need to ask!

Nice Job Amir!!"

Matt Levenhagen

"No More Spending Months To Find Out My Converting Keywords..."

"I have been marketing for over a year now and I have repeatedly pestered merchants to place my Google Conversion Tracking code on their page and although some of them were kind enough to do this for me, many vendors just seemed to ignore me completely...

So I ended up having to set up several adgroups and spend months finding out what keywords were converting for me. Oh yeah, not to mention spending hundreds of dollars on useless keywords!

I purchased one of the first copies of Extreme Conversions and at first I was intimidated by the set up process. However, once I managed to get everything set up with the quick support from Amir, I managed to save a lot of money in ad costs and I was able to find out what keywords were making me money very quickly.

Now I can beat the merchants at their own game and reap the ROI that most affiliates can only dream of.

Thank’s again Amir for such a great system!"

Steve James,

"Xtreme Conversions Is Exactly What I Have Been Looking For..."

"Xtreme Conversions is exactly what I've been looking for. As I have lots of keywords I've manually tagged each ad group with a Clickbank ID. Although I won't be able to track conversions for each keyword, at least I know which ad group brought in the sale.  

Xtreme Conversions helps me automatically tag each keyword so I now know exactly which keyword brought in the sale.

I don't know what I'd do without your software. My Google Adwords conversion tracking stats have not always been accurate and now with Xtreme Conversions I know for sure.

Great software!"

Cheryl Goh

"Xtreme Conversions Is A Life Saver For Me..."

"Xtreme conversions has been a life saver for me.

I now know with 100% accuracy what keywords people are typing in to reach my site from organic and paid listings, and I'm able to track those all the way to conversion.

I can whittle out all the wasted words that come from phrase and broad match and make sure that I'm only paying for words that convert.

Xtreme Conversions is an absolute steal at any price."

Steve G, TX

"Installation And Intergration Was Super Easy."

"Thanks Amir for a GREAT tool!

Installation and integration was super-easy.

I'm already saving on adwords spendings by deleting keywords that don't convert. This has also improved my CTR which in turn has improved my QS to drive down my CPC!

Particularly impressive is the amount of time you spend on answering questions in the tool's support forum, and also the attention you pay to customer feedback.

In fact, with the recent upgrade you made to the Xtreme Tracker, you've incorporated many of the features requested by users through the forum (mine amongst them).

I look forward to implementing this tool across all of my future campaigns, which will no doubt save enough in adspend to pay for this tool many many times over.

Thanks again!"

Amy Cheung

Simply put, this tool can take your ROI and profitability to phenomenal rates!

Here's what you get today:

1. Xtreme Conversions Application - This software enables you to find out the exact keywords that generate sales for you and put money in your bank.

2. A Step By Step Instructional Video To Show You Exactly How To Install Xtreme Conversions - This 13 minute video shows you just how easy it is to install Xtreme Conversions even if you are not technical in the slightest.

3. 2 Step By Step Instructional Videos To Show You Exactly How To Use Xtreme Conversions... Skip the learning curve and let me show you exactly how to get started with Xtreme Conversions. Here's what's included:

  • Integrate Your Landing Page With Xtreme Conversions... I'll take you Step By Step and show you how to integrate your landing pages with Xtreme Conversions and then check the reports to see the conversion data.

  • Direct Linking... Here, I'll show you how to set up a direct linking campaign using Xtreme Conversions. This is a huge timesaver when it comes to testing out new markets before you committ to them.

All in all, You are getting a break-through never publicly released before technology that can make you loads of money, along with easy step by step instructions to ensure your success.

Plus I'll Even Throw In My...

Unconditional 21 Day Money Back Guarantee! 

If for any reason, you wish to return the product, you'd be silly to do so, but I'll happily refund your money back with NO QUESTIONS asked.

I stand behind my products 100% and you satisfaction is guaranteed.

So You Have Nothing To Lose And Everything to Gain...

So What Are You Waiting For... Get Access To This launch Special For Just $127...


Extreme Conversions

Extreme Conversions

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Technical Details...

This program is written in PHP/MySQL and as such runs on a regular linux server.

Xtreme Conversions will work with ClickBank and CJ and any other merchant that allows you to put tracking code in the affiliate URL. 

It will also work with organic traffic, as well as PPC traffic from Yahoo, Google, or MSN.

PLUS if you have any trouble I’ll personally help you with getting it running.

Here's To Profitable Affiliate Campaigns,

Yours Faithfully,

Amir Darwish

P.S Xtreme Conversions makes it dead easy for you to find out the exact keywords that generate sales for you and put money in your bank.

P.S.S. Not only do I guarantee that you can install and use Xtreme Conversions but I also have an unconditional money back guarantee for a full 21 days.

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DISCLAIMER: Please note what you are buying is my own software. It has no connection to Xray, and it is NOT the same software that RJ has been using. RJ has been using Xray, not Xtreme Conversions. Both are two different softwares with the same intended goal, conversion tracking.